Get to know the people behind ION Management Solutions, Inc.

Stephen Bird

Managing Director / CTO

Headed by Mr. Stephen 'Steve' Bird, who has over 30 years of IT experience and is recognized worldwide as an expert in IT management technologies, having been invited to participate in several vendor advisory boards as well as to advise numerous vendors on product technologies and directions, ION Management Solutions, Inc. was a spinoff from InTotality in Australia and is now an independent Philippine-based business which started its operations in 2009.

Prior to his present position, he was a managing director and CTO of InTotality which he founded in 2003. He has extensive experience not only in virtualization and IT management technologies, but also in networking, systems, applications, security and IT infrastructure design. Previous experience includes 7 years at Cabletron Systems as the senior hardware and software engineer in Australia & New Zealand and as Product Manager of IT Management systems for Asia Pacific; prior to this, he was employed by a Canberra based integrator and served 9 years in the Australian Defense Force as a secure communications and cryptographic specialist. Over the last 30 years, he has designed solutions for many of top 200 organizations across Asia Pacific, including systems for Telstra, Optus, Energy Australia, HSBC, ANZ, Meralco, PLDT Group, PhilamLife and Telecom Sigma Indonesia.

Fauzan Ali

IT Management Consultant / Director

Mr. Fauzan Ali has over 14 years of IT experience and 8 years in IT Management technologies, with customer experiences in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Australia, that ranges from Telco, Financial Institution, Government Services and others.

Mr. Ali’s current is the IT Management Consultant/Director for ION Management Solutions Sdn. Bhd. Prior to this position; Mr Ali was with an Oil and Gas company in Malaysia managing the staging environment. Prior to that he was a Technical Trainer with an Australian based outsource vendor for a security company contact centre.

Mr. Ali’s role focuses on working with businesses to provide expert advice and develop vendor independent IT management architecture plans that customers use to ensure the successful design and deployment of IT Management Solutions, mitigating risk and ensuring that customers understand what they are asking for so their investment is secure.